April 17, 2019

Act One Scene 4 Questions:

  1. Find a line that describes Romeo’s mood as he and his friends go the Capulet party.
  2. What does Mercutio think of dreams?  Do you agree?
  3. What does Romeo’s response to Mercutio’s  Queen Mab speech say about fate/destiny.  This connects with a common belief Elizabethans had at the time.

Act One Scene 5 Questions:

  1. What lines indicate that Romeo was not really in love with Rosaline?
  2. Tybalt’s anger at the presence of a Montague bears out the hot-tempered nature of his character.  Give the line that reveals what action he would like to take.
  3. What does Lord Capulet’s acceptance of Romeo’s presence tell you about him?

Romeo + Juliet:  Questions for Homework.  Due Tuesday, April 23.  Also, please complete the Shakespeare language h/o.  Have a great long weekend.

Ms. Brett

For you to use as read the play:  https://www.sparknotes.com/nofear/shakespeare/romeojuliet/

Act One

Scene One:  1. Benvolio is the peacemaker in the play.  His name comes from the Latin words “bene” meaning good and “volo” which means “I wish”.  Find a line in the scene that captures Benvolio’s personality.

2. How are Tybalt and Benevolio foils?  How are they different to each other?

3. Find a line that reveals the romantic side of Romeo.

Scene Two:

  1. How does Lord Capulet  feel about the feud (family – Montague/Capulet) at this time in his life.  Support your answer with a direct quotation.
  2. Are there any examples of coincidence in this scene?

Scene Three:

  1. What happened to the Nurse’s daughter?
  2. What is the purpose of the Nurse in this scene?
  3. How does Juliet feel about getting married?

DUE Wed. April 17th.  See you then.  Ms. Brett



For your own perusal!

Hello! In class essay on Wednesday November 14. Pls bring your novel and notes.

If you’d like a copy of the PowerPoint I shared today please email me abrett@vsb.bc.ca

Have a great weekend!

Hi! Pls meet in Mini 5 on Fri. Oct. 12th (attendance and announcements).  The TOC will bring you to the lib. for research on the  project.

We will meet at Granville Is. on Tues. Oct. 16th at 9:45 am at Granv. Island Stage.  See you then.

Write Your Heart Out

Patrick deWitt, Lisa Moore, Eden Robinson

Tuesday, October 16
10:15am – 11:45am
Granville Island Stage

1585 Johnston St, VancouverWith five Scotiabank Giller Prize nominations between them, and a stream of other accolades behind their work, Patrick deWitt, Lisa Moore and Eden Robinson are undoubtedly three of Canada’s most-celebrated and -decorated contemporary fiction writers. What makes a story a bestseller? How did these writers go from keen amateurs to award-winning storytellers? How do they identify what makes a compelling tale? The alchemy of the perfect read is hard to define, but students and aspiring writers alike will be inspired by this unforgettable panel sharing insights and infectious humour.

Anne Fleming is an author of five books, including a book of short stories, a collection of poems, two novels, and a children’s book. She served on the jury of the Dayne Ogilvie Prize alongside Amber Dawn and Vivek Shraya in 2013.

Ms. Brett


Dear Students,  Please remember to bring in money for our field trip to the Writers Festival.  Also, Chapter 7 will be assigned tomorrow with homework to be completed for Friday.  See you then!  (Tomorrow I’ll be at a Social Emotional Learning Workshop).

Ms. Brett

Hi Students, Please read Chapter 5 and respond to the questions in the booklet. We will discuss these on Thursday.  Chapter 6 is due October 1st.  Remember to find examples of how allegory is found in the novel so far.

Ms. Brett

Please remember to bring in $ and field trip forms too!

Ms. B

Dear Students – please read Chapter and complete the questions in the package.  See you Tuesday!  Have a good weekend.  Ms. Brett

Dear Students,

Tomorrow in class we look closely at the Seven Commandments and Chapter 3.

You will be given a notice on our upcoming field trip to the Writers Festival:  October 16th at Granville Island.

October 16th
Write Your Heart Out at the Granville Island Stage  10:00-11:45.  Please meet at 9:45 am at the theatre – 1585 Johnstone Street.


 I’ll take attendance and distribute tickets. You will be dismissed from Granville Island at 11:45am.  Be sure to know how to get back to PW by bus.