English Studies 12

BIG IDEAS/Learning Lenses

How language shapes us

How we tell our story

The ways in which land/place shapes us

Sense of belonging (identity)

Ways of seeing and ways of reading

(Adapted from the Ministry of Education website)

This course builds on and extends students’ previous learning experiences in earlier English courses and is designed to provide opportunities to refine communication abilities, to think creatively and critically, to explore diverse texts, to deepen understanding of themselves and the world, to consider factors that shape identity, to appreciate self-representation through text and to build on understanding the Reconciliation movement in Canada.

Learning Standards: Content/Curricular Competencies

Comprehend and connect (reading, listening, viewing)

Create and communicate (writing, speaking, representing)

  • Various oral and written forms and genres
  • Literary elements and devices
  • Visual and digital literacies
  • Reading and writing strategies
  • Various presentation techniques

Course Content

       Essays/compositions (various)

       Novels: Independent novel study,  Indian Horse

       Informational texts/non-fiction/short stories

       Shakespeare: ‘The Taming of the Shrew’

       Poetry/Literary terminology

       Media/visual literacy/ interpretation and use of print and non-print texts
Oral presentations/individual and group projects
Introduction to various cognitive tools useful for exploring texts, ideas, themes.

Classroom Expectations

Students must use respectful language and conduct.

Students will cooperate and listen when peer lead discussions, presentations, and group activities are a part of a lesson.

Students must be prepared with appropriate materials for each class: texts, binders, paper, pencils, ruler, eraser.

Students who are absent from class must complete an absence report form· Students are responsible for making up work missed during their absence.

Students who are absent on the day of a test, must have their parents phone/e-mail me to explain the reason for the absence and to arrange a time to re-write.

Students must adhere to the policies of academic honesty.

How can students be successful in this course?

Using a variety of learning strategies

Understanding learning goals and identifying target areas for growth

Being curious and engage

Managing time efficiently and effectively

Openly exploring personal identity and values

Detecting bias – including one’s own

Conducting rigorous Research – including reliable sources and citations